That Indian Girl

How are Indian girls perceived? I have always wondered.

As I ask myself this question, my brain goes into overdrive and spits a thousand stereotypes out. Housewives, repressed voiceless beings, rape victims, street performers, uneducated child bearers, people whose life’s aim is to get married… The average western citizen talks about Indian women with a voice that reeks of pity.

But I wonder what they think about us when they experience the Indian woman firsthand, when they visit my country and see the diversity. Sure those stereotypes have some truth to them and there are millions of women whose lives are far from ideal. But what about the independent educated girl they meet on the ferry to AlibaugΒ and what about the girl on the beach who’s on a vacation with her boyfriend? What do they think when they meet an unmarried mother of two and what comes to their mind when a young girl knows more about their country than themselves?

I know that the average Indian girl is underprivileged, and heaven knows how I wish it was otherwise. But does their perception change, even a bit, when they see the “privileged” ones?

I hope it does. Because then we can change their opinion, one girl at a time.



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