Wise Words

I recently visited heaven.

After a day of riding the ferry, relaxing on the white sandy beach of Kashid and eating a lovely lunch of Konkan prawn curry and rice, one would be pretty ecstatic. But there is something about the unexpected pleasures that life decides to award you with, that puts the biggest smile on your face.

That day, after lunch, we were taken to a place called Bohemian Blue in Alibagh. ‘Taken’ because our designated driver had some work nearby. The premises had an earthy vibe… old looking wooden furniture with stained glass work, hammocks in every corner and a coolness you can only experience as a result of heavy plantation around.

That is when it came to me, a martini glass with pleasures infinite. It looked so ordinary! Like any other glass of chocolate mousse with a melting ball of vanilla ice cream. But this was so much more. One dig into the dessert, and I could see how smooth it was. Its dark rich color looked perfect in contrast with the trickling ice-cream. And then that first bite. Wow. Never had chocolate been so chocolaty and  never had I reacted to a dessert this way ( I’m more of a savory person). I couldn’t stop myself. I went for a second bite to make sure my taste buds weren’t pulling a trick on me and it was just as good, if not better. I stormed through the whole glass I had initially intended to share, only to order another one.


This time, I was more delicate. As the flavor hit me again, suspending the law of diminishing marginal utility, I could differentiate between the textures. The cold and delicate cream of the ice melting against the warm lush of the chocolate that enveloped everything after a moment. But there was something more. Something with a bite, in the glass of free flowing love. It had a structure to it, but just for a second before it melted into nothing, leaving a familiar taste behind which was neither savory nor sweet.

I had to ask! As I sheepishly went up to our server, she told me it was white butter. AH. There is something about just the thought of white butter. It takes you back to childhood when your grandmother lathered heaps of freshly churned butter on your parathas and everything else that she could.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I walked back to my hammock and lay there, pretending I was five years old again- sitting on a swing, devouring a bowlful of chocolate. I closed my eyes only to hear her words ringing clearly in my ears. Butter makes everything better!


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