Principles of Convenience

“It’s not just the girls, even guys feel the need to use fairness creams now”, she said as a matter of fact. “Females need to stop acting like the victims here. Tell me, would you date a black guy!?”

This was a conversation between a friend and our professor, during a class.

“I have dated black guys” said my friend, visibly controlling her anger.

“Yeah sure, but would your mom ever accept one?” the teacher exclaimed, as if the answer was an obvious no.

We looked at each other in shock and uncertainty. Was this really happening? A teacher in one of the most reputed institutions in the country was freely being racist. How does someone even react to that?

We have all been in situations like these. Situations against racism, sexism and every other ‘ism’ there is. People like you and me do stand up against these comments and views, but somehow its only in a non threatening situation. We easily lash out on our friends for their inappropriate remarks of casual sexism, making our point with pride and vigor. But why is this limited to conversations in the canteen? Why don’t we stand up to people where it really matters?

It’s because our morals and principles of equality and justice are also principles of convenience. Like every principle, this too has a law. It’s called the Law of Power.

The Law of Power states that principles can be applied freely and effectively only if the power (between the two parties) resides with you, or is equal between the two parties. Between two friends, the status is that of equals, where none hold power over the other. Whereas, if the same conversation takes place between you and a person of higher authority, our morals turn into principles of convenience.

In the previous example of my friend and our professor, we should have probably called her out as a racist. Made our point about how she was living in the dark ages (no pun intended) and we even tried. But we gave up in a minute because she had power over us. Our grades, our research thesis, were all in her hands. Now who wants to screw something that important over a silly racist woman, right?

I’m not saying it isn’t important to do the same among a group of friends, because it is. But why are we so inconsistent and powerless in situations where some of higher authority is involved?

I still regret not telling that teacher where to shove it. But maybe I can say that now because she has already graded my research.


Have you ever handled such a situations differently?
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Eggs are amazing. They’re yummy, cheap, filling and unbelievably versatile. You could crack one of those babies into almost anything and the result is guaranteed to be amazing. When it comes to the culinary world and restaurant menus, eggs are surprisingly under-appreciated and often fluctuate in and out of fashion. Here are 5 classic egg dishes you can make at home without being a genius in the kitchen. And oh! They’d easily make your day.

1. Eggs in white Sauce

Courtesy: cookandbemerry

Eggs in white sauce is one of those recipes that are simple to execute, yet impress everyone on the table. Introduced to us by the British, though the French claim credit for the silky white sauce, this dish is a personal Sunday tradition for me. All you need is well toasted whole wheat bread and some blazing Tabasco sauce to give it an edge. While some may also suggest a doze of English mustard instead of the Tabasco, I’d recommend a splash of bengali Kashundi. It makes all the difference.

Below is a Youtube tutorial on how to make the white sauce!


2. Stuffed Omelette

Courtesy: sliceandcook

Now there is barely anyone who would disagree on this with me. A well stuffed fluffy omelette with a couple of warm buttered toasts is one of the most loved breakfasts all over the globe. The best part about this, is that you can stuff almost anything under the sun into an omelette and it still tastes amazing! Left over meat, sauteed mushrooms, buttered corn,  cut up sausages, or the classic masala (tomatoes, onions, coriander and green chillies)…everything tastes amazing when put between layers of fluffy protein. My personal favorite is crispy bacon and pork salamis sauteed in pasta sauce with chunky onions and garlic.Once you try this, you’ll never go back to the plain old version

3. Perfectly fried egg

Courtesy: Food Network

Oh the light cracking of an egg against the pan before it is dropped into a shallow pool of golden oil, its sizzle filling the room… is there any better than a perfectly fried egg? I think not. Everyone has a different definition of ‘perfect’ when it comes to food, and so do I.

Keep two cracked and ready in a bowl while you heat a wok with three to four table spoons of oil in it. Once the oil starts shimmering, reduce the heat to a slow and gently pour the eggs in. The eggs immediately fluff up almost covering the yolk, which is a good thing. Let the eggs cook for half a minute before basting the eggs with the hot oil to achieve perfection. Once the outer line of the eggs turns a faint golden and a little crisp, carefully drain it out of the wok while making sure you don’t break the concealed yolk. Sprinkle it with salt and pepper and cut into the yolk with a fork or knife to witness the fried egg in its complete glory.

Now while this fried egg is heavenly just by itself, there are a fair number of condiments that add to the experience. You can add mushrooms and broccoli, a lightly tossed salad, some cold cut ham or even burnt garlic and chilly oil to take it up a notch. One of my favorites is grilled cottage cheese with tempura battered lady fingers! I guess that’s the best part about this, you can give it your own twist to suit your definition of perfect.

4. Bengali ghee bhaat with deem.

Courtesy: Taste, Au

Ghee= clarified butter, bhaat= rice and deem= egg. This is a dish full of memories and nostalgia for every bengali. It is equal parts comfort mixed with pleasure. One of the simplest dishes ever, all you need for this, is a bowl of freshly cooked steamed rice, an egg (boiled, fried or poached) and a generous dollop of ghee. It is the answer to every lazy Sunday lunch and grocery crisis. While this dish is perfectly amazing in it’s original form, I sometimes like adding fresh herbs in my rice, also substituting the ghee with salted butter.


5. Tomato Egg Curry

Courtesy: foodpandaindia

Like I mentioned earlier, eggs are extremely versatile. They fit equally well in a French brunch as they would in a pot of spicy Indian curry.  Hard boiled traditionally, these balls of protein give the overall balanced experience of flavor and texture. The curry, on the other hand, can be tomato based, onion based, north Indian, south Indian or even Thai!


Care to share some of your favorite egg dishes with me? Leave a comment ! 🙂

(Feature Image Courtesy: Pintrest, Women’s health Magazine)