Garam Chai ki Pyaali

Everyone has their own poison.

Some prefer meditation, some are gym enthusiasts, some indulge in alcohol while others are addicted to harder substances. But most people have that one thing in their lives that they don’t really need, yet can’t do without.

For some, it’s a nice cup of strong hot tea. It’s the first sip of that bronze concoction with an aroma which is almost earthy, a flavor unique to itself which often comes with the warmth of ginger that pulls you in for a taste. Sure it might be so hot that you know it will scald your mouth, but that’s no reason to stop. You lean in, tasting the steam first, which is followed by a brief slurp. Your mind instantly screams “shit I burnt my tongue!” but then there is a moment of nirvana, when the warmth fills your chest. Ah.

It’s what some people describe their first smoke of the day as. The rush of that first sip, followed by stolen minutes during work when you go out for another cup.Β For some, it is so deeply integrated into their lives that the addiction is not even noticed. Not unless a secluded vegan resort forces a cup of herbal garb on you, compelling you to live without the real deal for the weekend. That is when you realize the worth of that inexpensive beverage, running to the closest chai wala as soon as you hit the city.

That is when you realize that though it’s not something you need, it’s something you really can’t do without.



What’s your poison?

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